Other sports
Fishing is exciting but Kvernepollen has many other options to offer our guests.
In cooperation with local teams, we can enhance your holiday or conference and truly make it into an experience you will remember.
Here is a list of some of the available options.
Please contact us and allow us to organize a day of excitement designed especially for you.
Is a local team that specializes in extreme sports.
TeamXtreme offers deep sea rafting, sea safaris, diving and other activities that will add another exciting element to your stay with us.
Contact us and we will handle all the arrangements for your TeamXtreme adventure.
  • Zapcats and water scooters
  • Rafting and sea safaris
  • Paintball and skeet shooting
  • "Flyfish", Water ski and Bana Tube
  • Diving for beginners
  • Events and team building.

Visit TeamXtreme for more info. Here
Under construction

Many options is open at Kvernepollen

If you are a diver, you will find many greate areas for diving in and around Kvernepollen. 

- This area by the North Sea coast offer divers many possibilities for exploring the underwater world wether you like snorkeling or scuba diving.


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