Øygarden, (The island's) is an area rich in fishing traditions.
Øygarden, (The island's) are an area rich in fishing traditions. People have lived from the sea for thousands of years. The area has a lot of different types of fish, and here we will present a few of the most common fish you will find at Kvernepollen.

Different kind of fish

Cod/Codfish (Dorsch): One of the most common fish at Kvernepollen. Some of our guests have caught  up to 25kg. But,  it is more common around 3 to 5kg. Can be up to about 2.m. and weigh about 50kg

Mackrel (Makrele): A fish you will catch a lot of in the summer. It swims close to the surface in the evenings, and are relatively easy to catch.A very "lively" fish to catch, and will give you a little "fight".

Cusk/Torsk (Brosme/Lumb): Deep water fish from about 10 to 100m. Can be about 1m. and weigh up to 15kg. Very common at Kvernepollen

Green pollack/Lythe (Pollack/Steinköhler): You will find a lot of this fish at Kvernepollen from about 2.kg and up. Can be about 1,30m. and up to 12kg. A very easy fish to catch..

Halibut (Heilbutt): A very popular fish to catch, and they can be really big. Actually the "female" can be up to 300kg.and the "male" up to 50kg. Normally a deep water fish, but younger  fish can go closer to the surface. The record at Kvernepollen is 32kg.

Ling/Lingcod (Leng): A very common fish at Kvernepollen. Prefers sand and stony bottom from about 15m and deeper. Can be up to 1,90 long and about 35 kg.

Saithe/Coalfish (Köhler/Seelachs): The most common fish at Kvernepollen. You can even fish it from your terrace outside your apartment, then it is usually only about 1kg. It can be up to 20 kg. but then it is at larger depths

Haddock (Shellfish): Is a fish  there is a lot of at Kvernepollen. Prefers sand bottom from 8 to 20 meters deep. In the evenings  it comes even closer to the surface. Can be up to 20 kg.

Sole/Dab (Rotzunge/Limande/Scharbe): Thrives at a sandy bottom. You can catch it by spike, or other ways. It is normally from 0,5kg to about 1.kg.

Salmon and Sea trout) (Lachs untMeerforelle) : Are also in the area. Sea Trout is often caught at Kvernepollen.

Anglerfish /Angler (Seeteufel/Angler) : A fish we catch a lot. You will find it at most depths, but it prefers a "soft bottom", where it sometimes digs in, waiting for the "bait". Can actually be up to 50kg. The biggest one caught at Kvernepollen was 22kg.

Catfish / Wolffish (Seewolf): A fish there are a lot of in the area. Prefers bottom with stones and sand, and lives at different deephts. It can be about 1.30m. long, and  about 25kg. The record at Kvernepollen is 18.kg.


Crab (Krabbe): There are a lot of crabs in the area. Crabbing is best in the late summer and fall. (Late July, August and September). In the evening, equipped with your boat and a flashlight, you can pick the crabs from the shore. Can also be caught in "traps".

Lobster (Hummer): From 25cm and up. Can actually be up to 40 to 50 cm. and weight about 7 to 8 kg.
And there is a lot of other fish at Kvernepollen. We just mentioned a few.
Learn more about fish by browsing the "Fish Database"



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