Situated 45 minutes drive from the centre of Bergen, you will find Kvernepollen, a new and modern apartment facility designed to meet all your fishing and holiday needs. 
Our Area, Øygarden, located just outside Bergen is easily accessible today due to the bridges now linking the islands to the mainland.  
Long before these modern bridges were erected, the people of this area lived from the ocean and fishing. In fact, the archaeologists have dated the earliest "fishing activities" from 12,000 years ago.


You will find large spacious apartments, many have 2 to  4 bedrooms.  Each unit has its own private terrace, a complete modern kitchen, wardrobe, and living room.  All can be delivered with modern boats with outboard motor and fishfinder on board. Extra boats are available upon request.

Adjacent to your apartment is a large room designed for cleaning and preparing your daily catch.  This facility has all you need to prepare your fish for freezing or salting.  All apartments are equipped with their own freezers

Islands or mountains, fjords and oceans!

While fishing is the most popular activity at Kvernepollen, small nearby islands are waiting to be discovered. Take a grill and spend an afternoon in your own paradise. If you feel like a car trip Kvernepollen is central to several famous Norwegian landmarks and award winning tourist locations.

Bergen is a city rich in history with guided tours available, although walking is highly recomended to discover this citys quaint charm. During the summer months, Bergen is alive with festivals and special events. The Bergen Festival, Night Jazz, and the Ole Blues Festival are just a small part of the culture you can experience while visiting this beautiful city. For classical music lovers, Bergen is home to one of the worlds best composers. Come and visit the home of Edvard Grieg, during the summer there are concerts on the grounds.

Norway in a Nutshell is a world renowned trip that must be experienced when visiting this area. A breathtaking train ride on the famous Flam railway takes you up to the top of a mountain and then daringly down into the magnificent fjords. A ferry then takes you on a tour through the fjords, an experience you will never forget. This is a photographers dream.

Once you return from a trip, your apartment awaits you. You can take out your boat or fish right from your terrace!


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