Tourist service
Our sightseeing service:
While fishing is the most popular activity at Kvernepollen, and the small nearby islands that are waiting to be discovered - Kvernepollen is also central to several famous Norwegian landmarks and award winning tourist locations. - If you dont have your own car, we have a minibus-service that can take you to local attractions, Bergen or a daytrip to the fjords.


Ole Bull

Edvart Grieg


Daytrips to Fjords and Mountains.
If you want to see more of our beautiful area, we can arrange a daytrip for you to the fjords and mountains.
There are many possibilities, but Norway in a Nutshell is a world renowned trip that must be experienced when visiting this area. A breathtaking train ride on the famous Flam railway takes you up to the top of a mountain and then daringly down into the magnificent fjords.  A ferry then takes you on a tour through the fjords, an experience you will never forget.  This is a photographers dream.
Once you return from a trip, your apartment awaits you.  You can take out your boat or fish right from your terrace!


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